Big Data for Small Business

Firehose_dataThe world is filling up with data so fast and its not a matter of if you should do something but what are you using to manage the three V’s.

  1. Volume
    This is the amount of data that is flowing in, on and around your company location, about your company’s intellectual property, via social media or intranet. These sources of data run 24/7 365 and if you are only able to check them once a week or once a day… its a full-time job for most companies marketing or sales department.
  2. Variety
    This is the number of sources that can generate the work, how many social media accounts do you have where you have instant access to all of the data analyzed for ad-hoc use right now… your competitors are developing this, why aren’t you?
  3. Velocity
    Data is increasing in speed like a Tsunami coming to the mainland, the amount of data in Terrabytes is increasing every month, as of June 2018 we currently are able to track over 80 individual points of data on our own customers. Sometimes the insights and new sources of business value are not where you expect them.

Your Data Talking is an end to end boutique data service for small to mid-sized companies, usually companies with less than 100 employees are an excellent fit for the service and scale we offer.

The small business association has found that 99.7% of all businesses in the country are small businesses.

Companies that have more than 100 employees up to 500 already have two departments collaborating with key stakeholders or the board to analyze the data, that is assisted by an outsourced 3rd party as the skills and talent to work on the data is in limited supply.

Your Data Talking has people ready to listen to your questions and we will look to identify new sources of business value, then expand your data ecosystem, building models to process the data and that’s just the first three steps.

You can reach us at give us a call.

Seattle office: 425-463-5034

New York office: 347-991-9106

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Michael Van Marco

Michael is a Seattle import with a passion for connecting customers and companies via mutual social media interests.

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