A SQL to your database desire.

When you hear about SQL or perhaps you read my SQL on a Mac blog post you are probably curious about how to accomplish this nebulous task that according to stack overflow (link here) is about as likely as growing wings because you want to fly.

You don’t need to grow wings, you can, however, learn that most tutorials and I mean well over 80% of the tutorials online are missing steps.

I’ve often thought about doing a blog post for every bad tutorial out there and create a shame list of the worst tutorials in the home we can get them taken down.

Ahhh, yes, rant ending now.

So you want to learn SQL and you have a mac?

The first thing to do is go to Microsoft SQL… shocker!!!

While I will give you some help, there is going to be a countless number of potential issues and I recommend a number of books as required… or not optional learning that I will reference in any email you do send me.

These books contain an invaluable amount of info, they can be taken in any order but I recommend you start on one today… yes you are capable of learning to code.

Learn Python the Hard Way

Learn SQL the Hard Way

SQL for Mere Mortals

Googles Python Class

Tableau’s Tuesday Dashboard classes

Cracking the Coding Interview

I also recommend you start listening to Talk Python to Me, and Python Bytes podcasts, they are awesome and your Netflix account will miss you but you can always catch up on tv once you have a phat tech job.

So once you have found the MSFT link you might want to go to this page MSFT Github this page links to the variety of source code that you need to download, install and start learning how to use.

SQL is a program that requires you to set up a “server” which is a fancy word for a program that needs to be running like your Gmail tab when you browse the internet.

In the books I’ve mentioned they talk about setting up SQL and saving passwords, which is a very good idea.

More in the future on naming conventions and tips on setting up your first mac based SQL server.

This is my blog and most of these are my ideas, that being said I read constantly from many, many different sources. So if you recognize a phrase or concept that should be attributed to someone, mention it in comments below and I’ll look into updating my blog.

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Michael Van Marco

Michael is a Seattle import with a passion for connecting customers and companies via mutual social media interests.

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